TabsCAFM Technical Information

Minimum System Requirements

Core (administration console) - Client Installation

Core (administration console) - Browser Installation

Web (client side self service portal)

Go for Android

Go for Apple iOS

SQL Server

IIS Server

System Architecture

At the heart of TabsCAFM lies a powerful, centralised and scalable SQL database which ensures a single information source for all users, coupled with the reduction in possible data duplication. Utilising an impressive platform to stage the data safely and securely, the SQL database will continue to grow with your business.

There are three options available to view, create or retrieve data. These include the fundamental connection method via the Core system. Core is the main gateway to control the TabsCAFM application. Boasting access to all of the 40+ modules available, the Core also offers module-by-module configuration and reporting ability, making it an essential part of the TabsCAFM application. The Core can be deployed on a variety of supported platforms including, Stand Alone Computer, Local Area Network, Hosted Desktop, or Citrix Environment, all with their distinct benefits.

The Web Extension offers a powerful and unique option for creating or reviewing data. With its clear and crisp interface, the user-friendly approach can be published in either an Internal Intranet or deployed on the Internet depending on your requirements. With enabled compatibility across multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, the Web Extension is safe, secure and reliable.

For field engineers, the Go mobile solution offers great benefits for connection to data ‘on-the-move’. Deployable across a variety of contemporary or rugged devices, our mobile solution is an essential tool for mobile data capture.

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