CAFM Implementation Project Management

Implementing a new software solution can seem like both a daunting and exciting challenge. Major changes are expected as users transfer to a new system and a new way of working. We understand how such changes have a ripple effect throughout an organisation, effecting end users, clients/customers, managers and IT departments. At Tabs we help to ease this transition by assigning an experienced Project Manager to each installation (and if requested, prior to any upgrade).

The Tabs Project Scoping exercise is designed to capture information that may effect a new system installation. By identifying and addressing potential issues early, we hope to prevent possible delays and aid a smoother installation.

The Project Scope also supports communication between those involved with the installation. Mapping an installation in its early stages, helps all delegates to monitor its progress and react as appropriate to keep on schedule

The following areas are covered in the Project Scope:

Following any project visit, clients are given data templates to pre-populate the system with data. All data provided is imported into the system and configured offsite, prior to the installation. The benefit this offers is to reduce installation time so users can begin to use the system following deployment and training.

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