What Is WEB?

WEB is a flexible, bolt-on interface which serves as a 24hr self-service portal offering limited system access to a wide audience. Quick to deploy and easy-to-use, WEB facilitates a lightweight route to access the system via a single licenced WEB browser application. This is an ideal platform for servicing multiple sites or clients.

Whether deployed as a portal for colleagues, clients or contractors, WEB is uniquely designed to support the needs of its intended users by providing a secure and controlled window into your operations.

The logical, consistent and simplistic design means that users can embrace and adopt the system with limited training, ensuring ease-of-use and supporting user confidence.

WEB is ‘MOBILE-friendly’ and works across any device. Utilising cutting edge technology, WEB can also be offered with custom colour schemes to match corporate branding.

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quick to deploy, easy-to-use

Who uses WEB?

WEB is used by both internal facilities management departments and providers of maintenance services as an excellent customer service. The self-service WEB interface enables users to perform an array of duties around the clock without requiring administration level access gained through Core.

Maintenance – From a maintenance perspective, typical user functions include:

  • Request Maintenance Jobs
  • Search And View Jobs/Requests
  • View Job Responses And Updates
  • View Job Information (Location, Job Type, Associated Documentation)
  • View Asset Details
  • Provide feedback on jobs
  • View Works Diary and Update Jobs including Time/Attendance capture (Workers/Contractors Only)
  • Contractors Can Provide Quotes Online
  • Contractors Can Update Certification Online

WEB is an ideal self-service maintenance processing solution for use by clients and maintenance engineers/contractors.

Resources – Looking to manage bookable resources? No problem. WEB will enable users to:

  • View Room Availability
  • View Room Information (Location, layout styles, photos)
  • Request or Book Rooms
  • Perform Repeat Bookings
  • Add Catering, Equipment and Visitors
  • Update Room Information (Administrators)

WEB is configurable to support advanced business rules and data restrictions. Custom branding of colour schemes are also available to mirror client brand..

controlled and configurable interface


As you would expect, not all modules are available on WEB. Listed below is the excellent range of modules currentlly supported.

Key Features

  • MOBILE Friendly (Works on Any Device)
  • Reduce Paper & Increase Processes
  • Unlimited User Access
  • Controllable User Access
  • Excellent Customer Service Tool
  • Labour Saving Platform
  • Enhance Service Offering/Profile
  • Customisation/Branding Options
  • Centralised Document Repository
  • Supports Multiple Login Modes
  • Integrates With Active Directory
  • Security Conscious Self-Service Portal
  • Securely Controlled By Administrators
  • Customer Compliance Documentation View Capabilities
  • Save Search Data Header Preferences
  • Themes/Branding Can Be Customised
  • Includes branding of Client and Customer Logos
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technically advanced, functionally brilliant