Module Platform Feature Release Date
General Web Multi-Factor Authentication added to the web portal for username/password login mode 28/06/2024
Reactive/Planned Ethos Works diary mode adjustment to allow jobs to be displayed based on respond date, instead of start date 24/06/2024
Stock Ethos New stock supplier report added to the stores module 05/06/2024
H&S Audit Ethos/MOBILE Ability to pause audits and save progression added 27/03/2024
General MOBILE Prompt added to alert users of new app version 23/05/2024
Reactive/Planned Web Option added to allow adding responses and documents after job completion via the web portal 09/05/2024
Reactive/Planned Etos Option added to allow adding responses and documents after job completion via the management system 15/04/2024
Project Ethos Project job details tab - save column order implemented 01/03/2024
Planned/DIU Ethos Additional frequencies added to PPM module and DIU 26/02/2024
Reactive Ethos Force location code to be mandatory when accepting/creating reactive jobs 26/02/2024
Job Tracker Ethos New live job tracker added to the system 21/02/2024
User Profile Ethos Option added to user profiles to see live logins 19/02/2024
Reactive/Planned MOBILE Viewing child assets against a job is now available on the MOBILE app 15/02/2024
Reactive/Planned MOBILE Job task completion now available on the MOBILE app 08/02/2024
H&S Audit Ethos Two new reports added to the H&S module (list of rooms not audited, and export statistical data into Excel) 06/02/2024
Reactive/Planned Ethos Scheduled report function now supports previous/next and weeks/months date ranges 02/02/2024
General WEB Login to the WEB portal using email address is now supported 22/01/2024
Property Ethos/WEB A new feature has been added to decomission buldings and prevent them from future use, but retain legacy information. 05/01/2024
Staff Register Ethos/WEB Details of staff members who are marked as having left the organisation, are no longer available for future use or able to logon to the WEB portal. 05/01/2024
User Profile MOBILE MOBILE apps now support user profile global filters 02/01/2024
Surveys Ethos/MOBILE New option added to disable required client or worker signatures for surveys 22/12/2023
Reactive/Planned Ethos A new function to capture specific tasks and associated workflow with SLAs added to the ethos system 18/12/2023
SFG20 Ethos Improvements made to the assets which may require SFG20 schedules screen, to filter and search for assets 18/12/2023
Reactive/Planned Ethos A new Jobs by Age (Excel) report added to the system to enable easy extract of data. 18/12/2023
Transport Booking Ethos Legacy module now migrated to the new Ethos system 14/12/2023
Reactive/Planned Ethos Configurable list of reported by 'sources' has been added. 12/12/2023
Project Ethos Saving column order preference in the project module is now available 24/11/2023
H&S Audit Ethos New option available to prompt to add comments to created H&S audit jobs 24/11/2023
Car Park Booking Ethos Legacy module now migrated to the new Ethos system 08/08/2023
Invoicing Ethos Additional 'building' filter option added to the invoice module to filter chargeable jobs by building 02/10/2023
Compliance Ethos Changes added to the compliance module to mark certain elements as Mandatory, coupled with a new report on missing mandatory items against a property 02/10/2023
Compliance Ethos Ability to delete compliance records enabled 02/10/2023
Reactive Ethos/WEB/MOBILE New controls added to enable 'destinatation' fields for portering style reactive jobs 21/09/2023
General Ethos/WEB Additional controls added to the 'services' to adjust the configuration of WEB portal requests based on the service selected (i.e. Estates, IT, Portering, Cleaning 05/09/2023
Survey WEB Facility added to prompt for a survey on reactive job request/creation, offering more flexibility than previous Questions to Ask function. 08/08/2023
Reactive/Planned Ethos/MOBILE PDF/Word documents can now be added to job description attachments and made available on the MOBILE app for engineers 08/08/2023
Reactive/Planned WEB Re-ordering of search fields and improved job validation warning message for those unable to destinguish between colours 28/07/2023
Reactive/Planned MOBILE Auto status updates for MOBILE app and removal of pause button 28/07/2023
H&S Audit Ethos New report and screen added to display remedial jobs raised off the back of an audit. 28/07/2023
Ordering Ethos New region based purchase ordering logo now added to the system. 21/07/2023
Ordering Ethos New setting added to the PO module to prompt to update stock item price if different from that in the stores module. Also new columns added to the search screen to show order cost inc and exc VAT 21/07/2023
Stock Ethos New option to view associated purchase order from stock item 21/07/2023
H&S Audit Ethos Default building auditor added to the system 09/06/2023
Staff Register Ethos New Staff trainig report certificate report and filter options added to the staff module 09/06/2023
Survey Ethos A new report has been added to the survey module to allow exporting of raw survey data results into excel 26/05/2023
SFG20 Ethos Additional button added to the SFG20 module to easily access alerts 28/04/2023
SFG20 MOBILE Default comments removed when remedial jobs for SFG20 tasks are generated 02/04/2023
Event Management Ethos Legacy Events Management module now migrated across to the new Ethos platform 29/03/2023
SFG20 Ethos Option to assign different priorities based on SFG20 job frequency released 17/03/2023
Stock Ethos Raw data export of stock items added to the stores module 17/03/2023
Compliance Ethos Additional reports added to the compliance module 17/03/2023
Fleet Ethos Legacy fleet management module added to Ethos 06/03/2023
General WEB Ability to set/customise which default quick links are displayed for new users on the WEB portal is now available. 24/02/2023
Reactive/PlannedEthosNew report added to show jobs which have been cancelled.31/01/2023
Reactive/PlannedEthosNew filter option added to SLA report to included cancelled jobs27/01/2023
GeneralEthosChanges applied to popup menu to aid user guidance20/01/2023
Reactive/PlannedEthosProfit and Loss calculation added to work review module and export20/01/2023
H&S AuditEthos/MOBILENew module released to support the needs of the NHS Cleaning Standards, and other types of H&S audits/inspections09/01/2023
SFG20EthosAdditional features added to the SFG20 module06/01/2023
AssetMOBILEAsset Images within the database are now visible on the MOBILE app03/01/2023
Reactive/PlannedEthosStatus Changs to jobs no offer to email to Internal Coordinators30/12/2022
Reactive/PlannedEthosAdditional settings applied to default drop down lists in the work review system25/11/2022
Quotes/OrderingEthosAbility to upload digital signature which show on outgoing quotes and purchase orders added25/11/2022
Reactive/PlannedEthosModification to SLA report colours applied24/11/2022
Reactive/PlannedWEBIntranet Field Visibility - hide locked fields enabled14/10/2022
ParcelEthosLegacy Parcel Delivery module now available in Ethos03/10/2022
Room BookingEthosLegacy Room Booking module now available in Ethos23/09/2022
StockEthosUpdates to stock level by location report developed05/09/2022
Workforce DiaryEthosLegacy Workforce Diary module now available in Ethos09/08/2022
Job LocationEthosLegacy Job Location module now available in Ethos08/08/2022
Client ManagementEthosLegacy Client Management module now available in Ethos25/07/2022
ComplianceEthosLegacy Compliance module now available in Ethos15/07/2022
Enquiry/Quote/OrderingEthosMajor changes to the Enquiry Module to allow job costing based on labour/materials and other costs, alerts and integration with quotes and contract management15/06/2022
DIUDIUDIU frequencies - additional frequencies added15/06/2022
GeneralWEBOtka login now supported31/05/2022
PermitEthosLegacy Permit to Work module now available in Ethos29/04/2022
Reactive/PlannedWEBJob satisfaction (happy/sad face) function available in the system21/03/2022
SurveyEthosLegacy Survey module now available in Ethos18/03/2022
SFG20EthosIntegration with SFG20 for building compliance released17/03/2022
ExpensesEthosLegacy Expenses Claim module now available in Ethos26/01/2022
GeneralMOBILE/WEBContractor (named individuals) are now able to login on the MOBILE app and WEB portal19/01/2022
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