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Manage job scheduling more efficiently?
Move away from an alternative software provider?
Replace in-house paper-based or excel based systems?
Analyse statistics / performance?
Make better use of technology?
Manage costs (profit/loss or departmental recharging)?
Manage all resources (rooms, equipment, vehicles)?
Depoly a cenrtralised solution?
Collaborate for a bespoke software solution?
Manage staff safety and compliance records?
Utilise space more efficiently?
Deploy a system to serve multiple clients?
Deploy a system to manage multiple properties?
Deploy a system to manage multiple properties and tenants?
Capture and analyse survey/inspection information?



Reactive Maintenance
Planned Maintenance
Job Location
Asset Management
Resource Management
Project Management
Stores Management

Resource Booking

Event Booking
Room Booking
Catering Booking
Equipment Booking
Visitor Booking
Courier Booking
Taxi Booking
Transport Booking
Accommodation Booking
Car Park Booking

Health and Safety

Dangerous Occurrence
Permit to Work
Compliance Management
Security Patrol


Expense Management
Invoice Management
Quotation Management
Purchase Ordering
Budget Management
Contract Management
Enquiry Management
Time Sheet
Rate Scheduler


Task Calendar
General Survey
Client Management
Supplier Management
Contractor Management
Fleet Management
IT Support
Absence Management
Parcel Delivery
Property Management


Please enter the estimated number of users required for each interface:

Core (Admininstration)
Go (Mobile)
Web (Self-Service)
DIU (Data Import Utility)
DEU (Data Export Utility)
View (Dashboard Reporting)
Display (Room Display Screen)
Signage (Digital Room Signage)
Accounts (Sage Integration)
Exchange (Outlook Integration)
CAD (AutoCAD Integration)
Outlook (Ms Outlook Integration)

Feature/Integration Requirements

Do you require report branding (invoice, job sheet, quotation etc)?
Would you like customisation of a visitor badge?
Do you have legacy data you would like to migrate?
Do you require any multi-lingual/time zone/currency functionality?


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