What is TabsAccounts?

Simply put, 'TabsAccounts' is the bridge between TabsCAFM and accountancy software. It provides the synchronisation of many financial aspects (Sales Invoices, Purchase Ledger Invoices etc.) recorded via TabsCAFM, into leading accounts packages.

Finance departments do not need knowledge of, or access to, TabsCAFM in order to process financial information. The TabsAccounts solution provides a secure gateway for finance departments to manage the migration process before importing into accounts applications. This will minimise manual process and help to eliminate associated errors.

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How does it work?

TabsAccounts pulls from various sources within the TabsCAFM database, allowing for the import of Invoices, Labour Costs, Material Costs and more with ease.

Sitting outside of TabsCAFM, the TabsAccounts application forms the bridge between TabsCAFM and accounts packages, and comprises of the following core functions:

  • Sync IT - Invoices can be imported directly into accounts packages within seconds. Nominal codes can be adjusted or applied before import.
  • Workflow IT - Interrogates the database to locate unprocessed tasks, allowing you to monitor, amend and manage each invoice before import. Invoices in query can be routed to other members of your team via the workflow solution and comments being captured along the way.
  • Search IT - Allows users to search and review imported invoices, including viewing of PDF documents.
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TabsAccounts integration software is compatible with the following Sage versions.

  • Sage 50
  • Sage 100
  • Sage 200
  • Sage 500
  • Sage 1000
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Key Features

  • Seamlessly Integrates TabsCAFM with accounts packages
  • Easy to use and quick to implement
  • Single entry of data via TabsCAFM
  • Automatic import of Sales and Purchase Invoices
  • Provides audit trail
  • No data entry duplication
  • Save time and resources
  • Prevent manual errors
  • Web based workflow and search facilities are optional
  • Manage users online
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